hear are a few of mi favorite things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -sound of music



food:chicken fries

lucky numbers:4,9,22


gymnasts:shawn and nastia

computer:aim, going on n.l's website


movie:27 dresses, national treasures, national treasures 2

singers:taylor swift, brittany spears, jesse mccartney, rihanna

event:beam and bars

things to do when im bored:paint nails, txt, and hang around outside

inside jokes: cough drop, tea, i agree, and i fell down the stairs this morning, fat chinchilla, parking meter, leonardo de jacrio, computers broken, no directions, shhh!!!!, ok ok im ready!! i can do this!!! wait...wuts the first note??? emmie the AHMAZING holy pashit how did you do THT?!?!?!!! dont worry about me im fine!! (walkin into a screen door) ok.. fine i think i need a brain.  lol

color: yellow, pink, purple

animal:fat chinchillas, ferrets, cammiliones, kitties!!!

season:spring and summer

tv shows: wizards of waverly place, icarly, secret like of the american teenager, what i like about you, that 70's show

least favorite sport:soccer, swimming

stores:pacsun, deb, nordstroms, macy's, jc penny, old navy, victorias secret

subject:socail studies, percussion

accressory:earrings, necklaces, bracelets