welccooommmeeee toooo...MI PLAYLIST PAGE!!!!!! ENJOYY!!!

angel-natasha bedingfield

dont walk away-miley cyrus (dont rele like her<<<)

how do you sleep?-jesse mccartney

every other time-lfo

white horse-taylor swift

forget you-lax

hey stephen-taylor swift

how strong do you think i am?-alexz

invisible-taylor swift

top of the world-aar

learning to fall-boy like girls

stay beautiful-taylor swift

outside lookin in- jordan puitt

red high heels- kellie pickler

teardrops on my guitar-taylor swift

fearless-taylor swift

shaould've said no- taylor swift

PICTURES TO BURN!-taylor swift

your not sorry-taylor swift

our song-taylor swift

upside down-...i dont know who sings this one.

cant believe your the same person- unknown

crushed love- unknown

can i be your memory?-unknown

i'd lie-taylor swift

your anything- taylor swift

paranoid- jonas brothers

its alright its okay-a.t.

be good to me-a.t.

here we go again-d.l.

wen your gone

the best days of your life

hes everything you want